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Stierli Manually Controlled HE Series

Compact and Powerful Bending and Straightening


From compact and versatile to substantial and powerful, the Stierli series of horizontal bending and straightening machines provide resources for a wide variety of applications and industries – from machine shops with a wide range of tasks to the heavy steel or vehicle construction industries. This series of ten horizontal bending/straightening machines deliver repeatable bends that meet exacting specifications and a working power range from 85 kN (9 tons) 6000 kN (660 tons).

The manual control is the simplest control available on Stierli-Bieger bending machines and is the basic control for all sizes of machines. It has been proven across decades and is easily used by all operators with the ability to adjust and lock the stroke depth under pressure.

All Stierli HE benders feature a solid table without an open slot. Due the design of Stierli’s cylinders and the way they are mounted, an open slot is not needed. This eliminates parts falling into a slot during bending and causing accidents. The absence of a slot also minimized accumulated dirt and prevents small tools, parts or other items falling into the machine.

The special oil-lubricated guided cylinder requires no maintenance. The stroke limitation operates electro-hydraulically with the tried and tested Stierli switch-off system with Vernier scale and 0 mark. It is operated with the foot switch or the special manual control cable, with which jogging mode, automatic mode and the straightening function can be actuated.

Several of the machines can be transported easily inside the factory with a crane or pallet truck. Built-in tool trays provide organized storage so that tools are always at hand.

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