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Copper Bar Processing

Punching, Notching, Bending. For efficient processing of copper and steel bars, Boschert USA offers machinery from two integrated manufacturers — Boschert and Stierli. The two manufacturers have been working cooperatively for more than a decade, developing complementary machines based on shared best practices. These top-quality machines offer a scope of versatility, flexibility and power aligned to customer needs. Each model’s features are inspired by real customers and their real needs on the factory floor. Plus, each model is fully customizable to handle the intricacies of your unique job specifications.

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Boschert CU Series

These high-performance punching machines are perfect for production runs of various sizes — delivering from 36 to 50 tons of punching force. The Boschert CUWK offers a variety of customizable benefits with up to six tool stations housing up to 26 tools. Next, the CU Profi punching machine was developed specifically for the efficient processing of simple, straightforward copper bars. Finally, the CU Flex, suitable for copper, aluminum and steel, is a cost-effective 3-in-1 machine providing shearing, punching and bending capabilities in a compact design that saves floor space.

Stierli-Bieger Horizontal Benders

Stierli horizontal bending machines offer sturdy, reliable copper bar bending for a variety of copper lengths and widths. Each model’s features are designed to meet specific customers’ needs. Models are fully customizable to handle to intricacies of unique job specifications. Easily programmable CNC software control provides efficiency and flexibility for multiple programs.

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