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Stierli Benders for Ship Building

When Bends Need to Be Ship-Shape


Stierli has created a series of bending machines designed specifically to meet the needs of the global ship-building industry. The SE series was created expressly for accurate bending of ship frame profiles.

Along with the typical HP ship frame, also known as a Holland profile, HP frame or bulb flat, the SE series can accommodate other bending profiles – including L and T profiles. The profiles can be bent individually or in opposing pairs. The machine can also be used for pipe bending and for straightening. Both manual and ultra-modern CNC controls with laser systems are available. The machines are used in shipyards as production bending machines or for ship repairs and retrofits.

With a centralized clamping system to hold material in place during the bending operation, Stierli benders are both productive and space efficient. The SE series features a spacious work platform for easier bending of large parts. Inching functions, straightening functions, or automatic bending programs can all activated via remote hand control or foot pedal. Options are available to deliver high degree of process reliability and automation. A long stroke and movable support rollers allow a high degree of workpiece adjustability.

Support plates with dovetail mounts make for fast and easy tool changes. Abutments can be adjusted electro mechanically.

Ship Profile Bender Technical Data

Working power
Adjustable Stroke of Ram
Adjustable Speed of Ram
Main Hydraulic Motor
Bend HP Profiles to:
Approx. Floor Space
Approx. Weight
Pipe Bending Capacity
1300 SE
143 Tons
0 – 24 ipm
20 HP
HP 280
6’ x 8’
9,250 lbs
2200 SE
242 Tons
0 – 14”
0 – 24 ipm
25 HP
HP 320
6’ x 10’
15,000 lbs
3300 SE
363 Tons
0 – 21.6”
0 – 24 ipm
33 HP
HP 340
6’ x 13’
26,700 lbs
4400 SE
484 Tons
0 – 21.6”
0 – 24 ipm
35 HP
HP 430
6’ x 15’
28,000 lbs

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