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Boschert Twin/Tri Series Punching Machine

Independent Punch Heads Give Maximum Flexibility


The five configurations of the Twin/Tri series punching machines are equipped, respectively with two or three independent punch heads. All of the configurations in either series can be equipped with Revotool, Boschert‘s multi-tool solution. Up to 16 tools in the Twin series, and up to 24 tools in the Tri series allow the working of complex parts without tool changes. A distinct advantage of all Boschert CNC punching machines is the user-friendly software. The heavy duty, open C-frame design allows turning of oversized sheets. The powerful software suggests options for automatic repositioning and turning/flipping of large parts.

CNC Punching Machine Rotation Index

One of the heads in either series machine can be equipped with full 360° stepless rotation of all tools up to 105 mm in diameter. Designed especially for rotation machines, a seven-position Revotool includes a 5mm x 30mm parting tool thus allowing contouring, shaker parts, etc. In addition to the slitting tool, six positions with a maximum diameter of 16 mm are accommodated.

Technical Data

Maximum sheet length 32′

Maximum sheet thickness

With standard clamps 1/4″
With special clamps 1/2″
With RevoTool 1/4″

Maximum punching force

Standard 36 tons
Optional 50 tons

Maximum workpiece weight 440 lbs.

Maximum positioning speed

X axis 2,365 ipm
Y axis 1,180 ipm
Combined (x & y diagonally) 2,650 ipm

Maximum punching speed

Standard hydraulics 400 spm
High speed (option w/ oil chiller) 800 spm

Maximum punch diameter 4″
Maximum stroke length 3.54″
RevoTool positions 4, 6, 7 or 8
Tool change time, manual 10 – 15 sec.
Tool change time, RevoTool 2 – 4 sec.

Electrical Consumption at 230 / 460 Volts

Cont. operation (1/16″ material) 4.9 / 7.7 kW/h
Cont. operation (1/8″ material) 5.4 / 8.75 kW/h
Amperage 25 / 35 Amps

Hydraulic motor 6.5 / 10.32 HP
Comp. air requirement min. 4.5 bar / 65 psi
Hyd. oil resv. 115 liter/160 liter high speed

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