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The Arkus12® by PBT is a compact, high-performance profile bending machine distinguished by its flexibility and quality. It is designed to bend smaller steel and aluminum profiles and can be equipped to bend extremely small radii. The Arkus12 compact bender delivers outstanding Swiss quality paired with modern, ergonomic design and a range of powerful CNC control systems. It features individually driven front rollers that are highly adjustable and easy to move. The Arkus12 is used with filigree aluminum and steel profiles in the automobile, metalworking, construction and manufacturing industries.

The machine itself is movable with a pallet jack. Consultation, training and commissioning are included with purchase.

Profile Bender Arkus 12 Technical Data

Flat Bar ¾” x 2″ to 7″ Dia.
Power X Axis 14 tons
All three rollers driven individually: Manual PC50 Teach-in PC300 Continuous 18 rpm 18 rpm 1-32 rpm
Maximum Torque per roller 369 ft. lbs. (500Nm)
Front Roller Adjustable 10″ x 20.39″ (256 – 518mm)
Tool Holding Fixture ∅ 1.57″ (40mm)
Lift Height/Stroke 7.87″ (200mm)
Hydraulic Drive 1 HP (0.75 kW)
Roller Driver 0.5 HP (3x 0.37 kW)
Power Supply 208/230/460
Accuracy X Axis – Manual PC50 / PC300 0.03937″ (1/10mm) 0.003937″ (1/100mm)
Length 32.28″ 820mm
Width 37.4″ (950mm)
Height 44.25″ (1’125mm)
Weight Manual 825 lbs. (375 kgs)
Weight PC300 970 lbs. (440 kgs)

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