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Radius Measuring Devices

Save Time & Money; Deliver Exacting Accuracy


Radius Measuring Devices are designed to measure and correct multiple radii on a workpiece to deliver nominal profile bends to exacting specifications. With a radius measurement system, even complex forms with demanding materials can be manufactured without relying on highly experienced operators. For many parts, it is possible to achieve all nominal radius values without rejects or costly and time-consuming test runs. PBT’s various radius measuring devices allow operators to bend accurate parts even with variable material characteristics.

PBT offers a three radius measuring devices:

  • Manual radius measuring tool
    A digital radius measuring device with adjustable chord length and manual input into the machine.
  • Wireless radius measuring tool
    A digital radius measuring tool with adjustable chord length and wireless data transfer to the PC400 control.
  • Automatic radius measuring system
    A fully automatic system used in conjunction with PBT’s PC400 CNC control for measuring radii on a profile. The system engages the workpiece automatically and provides continuous measurement during the bending process. Discrepancies are automatically adjusted for and the part is corrected on subsequent passes until a nominal radius is reached. The radius measuring gauges can be positioned to the right and left of the roller shafts and are capable of measuring both inside and outside radii. The system is engaged pneumatically and returns to its stand-by position at the end of the bending program.

PBT’s radius measuring devices

  • Save time – Monitoring of the bending process by a skilled machine operator is not required.
  • Saves resources – Employees can focus on other tasks during the bending process.
  • Saves costs – reduced reliance on complex gauging, and ability to quickly adjust to variable material characteristics.

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