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Boschert-Gizelis with BG Soft® maximizes press brake and shear efficiency with extremely high accuracy. BG Soft is Boschert Gizelis’ proprietary bending and cutting software designed to facilitate every aspect of a bending and cutting process and maximize production resources.

BG Soft enables offline generation of bend sequences and tooling set-ups and features dynamic 3D simulation to check for interference of the workpiece, tooling, machine components and fingers. BG Soft utilizes 3D simulation to program the press brake offline and generate a true unfolded blank based on exact bending parameters.

Simulate bends, sequencing and tools. Eliminate collisions. Produce to demanding standards. Boschert-Gizelis with BG Soft delivers the exact design. Pre-plan success with BG Soft from Boschert-Gizelis.

BG Soft enhances productivity with faster design-to-production timeframes, automated features, reduced servicing and downtime, and elimination of collisions – which reduces waste.

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