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Boschert USA is the exclusive North America representative of high-quality, advanced European fabricating machine lines from Boschert GmbH, Stierli-Bieger, PBT, Boschert Gizelis and AMB Picot. Our machines will transform your operations, and our team of dedicated specialists will transform your expectations for what outstanding service means. Ultimately it is about putting customers first.

Sheet metal punching

Fabricating Machines to Build Your Operation’s Scope and Capacity

With the exceptional machines sold by Boschert USA, you can expand your shop’s ability to seek and meet future demands and opportunities. With sheet metal punching, cutting and notching machines from Boschert, copper bar processing from Boschert and Stierli, horizontal bending and straightening from Stierli, Picot’s plate rolling bending machines, press brakes and shears from Boschert Gizelis and PBT’s profile bending capabilities, operators will not only be able to better tackle their current workload, but also bid on and execute new projects with expanded expectations. Our machinery and accompanying software tools will drive efficiency and productivity while delivering exceptional performance and precision.

And, importantly, you will not be in it alone. The dedicated team of Boschert USA applications engineers, trainers, technicians and service professionals will be with you every step of the way – developing strategies for your application; detailing, developing and delivering your purchase; providing orientation and training; and long-term service and care:


Applications engineers work with customers to create equipment solutions that meet their specific requirements. We provide consultation in advance of investment projects and planning for your future needs. If our machines don’t meet your needs, we will tackle challenges others have turned away with resources that can help design and develop a tailored machine specific to your operation.


With a deep understanding of fabricator needs, we are committed to defining, sourcing, building and delivering the right machine for your needs – and installing it on your floor. We will spec the machine to your needs and manufacture it for your delivery.

Service & Parts

We are dedicated to training and service over the lifetime of your machine. Upon delivery, Boschert USA’s team will work with your staff to assemble and commission your machine in your shop. We will provide orientation, instruction and training for operation and service.

Our applications team will work with you to plan your projects and prototype your procedures for efficiency and precise outcomes before the order is finalized. We will also work with you to plan and design customized tools to fit your production needs. Once your tailored machine is produced, we will also work with you to install, make the machine operational in your facility and familiarize your team with its functions.

And over time, we are responsive and resourceful in sourcing parts and accessories to adapt, retrofit or modernize your machine for new applications.


All of this comes with a smile. We are absolutely professional, striving to be responsive and supportive in meeting our customers’ expectations. We expect our team to help our customers through the entire machine activation process – not just in the first few weeks, but over the lifetime of the machine. And we always try to do it in a friendly, respectful and approachable way. Our machines work hard over the long haul, and we want our relationships to be just as successful over that same time period.

We’re here to help you shape your future.

With exceptional machinery and a commitment to customer service, make Boschert USA the first stop in your search for fabricating machinery.

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