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Punching & Cutting

With Boschert punching, cutting and notching machines, you are bound to increase efficiency, improve productivity and deliver even more precision with your output. With built-in flexibility and options for a variety of tools, along with the ability to handle a wide variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses, Boschert machines improve your ability to meet your customer’s demands.

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Manual Punching

High-performance punching machines that are perfect for small- to medium-sized production runs. Machines deliver from 36 to 60 tons of punching force.

CNC Punching Machines

The classic Boschert CP punching machines brings all the Boschert punching machine advantages with a sophisticated CNC control system. They are composed of solid welded steel construction and can handle sheets up to ½-inch thick. The Boschert CPR series with 360° rotation and RevTool multi-tool solution makes it possible to punch nearly every contour without changing tools. The Twin/Tri series are equipped with two or three independent punching heads allowing for 16 to 24 tools. The MP series is set up for complex punching jobs and can be tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Combination Punching/Cutting

Boschert combines the capabilities of an advanced fiber laser cutting machine with those of its punching machine line – The CombiLaser. The CombiLaser can produce complex inner and outer contours, as well as forming, tabs, beads, trims or threads – all in one machine. With the Boschert CombiCut series, a cost-effective alternative to combination punch/laser machines, a broad range of metal thicknesses can be cut with great precision. The CombiCut series can also be fitted with single-, twin- or tri-head configurations with punching capacity of 36 or 50 tons.

Flat Bed Fiber Laser Series

The Boschert Fiber Laser delivers many practical advantages for cutting even very thin sheets in a compact design. One key advantage of Boschert’s design is the elimination of problematic tipping of small, cut workpieces, which increases process reliability and ensures fast access to finished pieces.


Boschert’s entire line of powerful hydraulic notchers offer superior performance, clean cuts and high accuracy. Boschert’s notching machines offer 90° fixed angle capability or variable angles from 30-120°. All notching machines come equipped with a maintenance-free lubrication system, integrated overload protection, automatic cutting gap adjustment, and Boschert’s patented TRI-GIDE® technology, a 3-point ram guidance system that gives the machine it’s world-famous precision and durability. Some models can be equipped with a second station to change between punching, coping or notching.

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