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Stierli Benders for Railroads

Specialized to Meet the Rail Industry’s Needs


Stierli benders for rail and track are specially designed to meet the needs of the rail technology industry. Benders are available in 220-, 330- and 440-metric ton versions. (240-, 360-, 485-US ton). Stierli’s unique horizontal design allows even the largest rails to be handled with ease. Each machine offers a selection of controls – from a simple manual control system to ultra-modern CNC control with laser measuring system. All deliver a high degree of process reliability and automation. A long stroke and moveable support rollers allow for a high degree of workpiece adjustability. Movement is controlled via joystick and roller conveyor. Support plates with dovetail mounts make for quick and easy tool changes. Abutments can be adjusted electro mechanically.

Rail Bender Technical Data

Working power
Tooling height
Adjustable Stroke of Ram
Adjustable Speed of Ram
Main Hydraulic Motor
Approx. Floor Space
Approx. Weight
RAIL 2200
240 Tons
0 – 21.6”
0 – 24 ipm
30 HP
11’ x 6’
15,000 lbs
RAIL 3300
360 Tons
0 – 21.6”
0 – 24 ipm
40 HP
11’ x 6’
23,000 lbs
RAIL 4400
485 Tons
16” / 33”
0 – 21.6”
0 – 24 ipm
40 HP
12’ x 7’
25,500 lbs

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