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Intuitive Power in a Tablet


The PC-based control system for 3-roll bending machines was first developed by PBT in 1995. Since being the first to feature software-controlled bending tasks, PBT has continuously innovated and iterated on their products. The Tablet350 CNC Control was developed based on PBT’s PC400 control system but simplified operation even more. Bending functions can be created, managed and controlled using a 10-inch multi-touch Windows tablet with wireless communication. The Tablet350 CNC control system has been specially designed to make operation as easy as possible by means of simple, clear symbols. No programming skills are required. The range of functions has been reduced to the most essential bending operations – while still allowing simple programming via radii and lengths.

The Tablet350 CNC control includes a re-bend function for single radius bends along with coil bending programs. Data backup can be easily performed via USB port. Remote diagnostics available.

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