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Profile Bending

PBT’s profile bending machines – the best in the industry – meet the precision, quality and technical performance requirements of a wide range of customers and industries around the globe. PBT’s proprietary CNC bending software assures easy operation, precise bends and high repeatability. CNC controls from PBT eliminate the need for a highly trained operator. There are five bending machine sizes and four control options offered. PBT profile bending machines are used for bending tubes, bars, angle, T-profiles, U-profiles, I-beams, and complex extruded profiles.

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Profile Bending Machines

With five profile bending machine sizes, PBT offers a full range of capacities, power and flexibility. PBT machines offer best-in-class CNC software, the ability to integrate and automate bending processes, high quality craftsmanship, and full-service support. PBT is used in many metalworking industry applications: automotive, aerospace, architecture, curved lighting, window and façade engineering, construction equipment, conveyor technology, roof systems and more.

PBT Controls

PBT offers a range of four control options – from a basic and straightforward manual control to a high-end CNC control system that combines an intuitive user interface with powerful programming capabilities. CNC controls from PBT allow the operator to program a nearly limitless number of bending segments and radii. PBT machines paired with a CNC control will deliver perfect, repeatable curves, including complex shapes like ellipses, spirals, coils, ‘Napoleon’ bends, S-bends and more.

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