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K30-120 Variable Angle Notchers

Angle Flexibility with Added Capacity


All Boschert notchers offer superior performance, clean cuts and high accuracy. The three notchers in K30-120 series feature Boschert’s patented TRI-GIDE® technology, a 3-point ram guidance system that gives the machine it’s world-famous precision and durability.

Boschert variable angle notchers offer a unique approach to notching that directly couples the upper and lower blades, a system that guarantees longer blade life compared to other systems. The K30-120 hydraulic notchers accommodate all angles from 30° to 120° without blade or clearance changes. A 30° upper blade is directly connected to two corresponding lower blades. All notches of more than 30° are accomplished automatically with a right and left notch. Pneumatic power rotates the blades after each stroke.

The K30-120 notchers also offer a 7.9” x 7.9” 90° notching capability with fixed angle front to back cutting. They deliver a 1/4” (6mm) mild steel and 0.160” stainless steel capacity. The K30-120’s 39.4-inch wide by 25.6-inch deep table features a milled bed surface, so materials do not float or stick. Blades shift by pneumatic power. Additionally, the K30-120 offers Hi-Carbon, Hi-Chrome blades that overlap on the cutting edge to eliminate blade chipping, a 6.5 horsepower motor, a moveable electric foot pedal and scrap buckets.

The K30-120 variable angle notchers can also be configured with a second station on the rear of the table that can be fitted as either a coping station or a punching station.

  • The K30-120 with the coping station has capacities for 5/32″ (4mm) mild steel (mild steel designated as 50,000 psi) or 1/8″ (3mm) stainless steel (stainless steel is designated as 75,000 psi). It can cope 3.937″ deep by 1″ to infinity by moving the stock.
  • The K30-120 with the punching station features Trumpf-style tooling with capacities of 5/32″ (4mm) mild steel (mild steel designated as 50,000 psi), 1/8″ (3mm) stainless steel (stainless steel is designated as 75,000 psi). Its maximum punch size is 1 1/8 inches. The punching table is 43-inches wide by 13-inces deep.

Variable Angle Notcher Technical Data

Cutting Capacity
Cut Length
Cut Angle
Machine Weight
Overall Dimensions
Table Dimensions
2nd Station
Motor Size
1/4" (3/16")
7.9" x 7.9"
3520 lbs
59" x 51" x 54"
39" wide by 29"
6.5 hp
K30-120 w/ Cope
1/4" (3/16")
7.9" x 7.9"
4180 lbs
59" x 51"x 54"
63" wide by 39"
1" by 4"
6.5 hp
K30-120 w/ Punch
7.9" x 7.9"
4400 lbs
59" x 51" x 54"
63" wide by 39"
ø 4"
6.5 hp

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