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G-Bend® Plus Press Brake Series

Bending Power with Added Capacity


The Boschert Gizelis G-Bend Plus press brake offers many of the benefits of the G-Flex series with capacity for longer sheet lengths and increased tonnage.

With bending forces from 80 to 290 tons, the 15 press brakes in the G-Bend Plus series accommodate bending lengths from 2100 mm to 6100 mm and usable space from 1550 mm to 5050 mm.

The G-Bend Plus press brakes are controlled with a user-friendly color touchscreen controller and 2D graphical software. The G-Bend Plus hydraulic press brake series features a single-axis back gauge system and mechanical upper and lower tool clamping. G-Bend Plus press brakes have double upper and lower roller bearings for accurate and fast beam movement. The G-HD series have a standard 400 mm throat, 515 mm of daylight and a stroke length of 250 mm.

The G-Bend Plus series features an extra heavy duty welded-steel side frame to increase rigidity and minimize deformation. The hydraulic system on the G-Bend Plus series is efficient, quiet and extremely accurate. The machines are equipped with Y1 and Y2 independent hydraulic cylinders and proportional valve technology.

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