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Boschert MP 4020

Punch & Form Large Sheets with Ease


The Boschert MP 4020 punching machine brings Boschert's well known quality and high technology to a larger format machine. Now 6- x 12-foot and larger sheets and plates can be processed without repositioning. With an automatic tool changer with 4-inch diameter capacity and up to 96 tools, productivity is guaranteed. The 4020 features 36 tons of punching capacity, vertically adjustable dies for deep forming, programmable and multiple small parts chutes and many other standard features, making this machine a game changer.

Punching Machine Technical Data

Technical Data 80" x 160"
Tonnage 36
Sheet Thickness, Std. Clamps 1/4"
Sheet Thickness, Optional Clamps 1/2"
Sheet Thickness with RevoTool 1/4"
Minimum sheet size 4" x 11"
Automatic Tool Changer Stations 12
Maximum number of tools 96
Tooling system Trumpf style
Largest single tool 4" diameter
Positioning Accuracy 0.004"
Positioning Repeatability 0.001"
Positioning Speed - X Axis 2950 ipm
Positioning Speed - Y Axis 2950 ipm
Postitioning Speed - Combined 2650 ipm
Strokes per minute Standard 800
Motor 20 HP
Approximate Machine Weight (lbs) 39,500 lbs
Approximate Floor Space 31' x 15' x 8′H

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