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ElectroCut Electric Shear Series

Revolutionary Shear Technology Delivers Speed, Productivity and Savings


With more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic swing beam shears as its foundation, Boschert Gizelis is proud to introduce the new ElectroCut line of servo electric shears that are revolutionizing operations and delivering productivity and cost savings. The Boschert Gizelis state of the art ElectroCut® Series features new technology with higher productivity, accuracy and reliability than ever before. ElectroCut electric shears reduce operational and maintenance costs – while being better for the environment.

Four models of ElectroCut shears offer a range of maximum cutting thicknesses: 4mm to 6mm in mild steel and 2 mm to 4mm in stainless steel. They also deliver higher productivity with speeds up to 40 cuts per minute. The ElecroCut shears consumes 50% less energy compared to hydraulic models, and with no hydraulic fluid, operators are freed from sourcing, filtering, disposal and service costs.

Ultimately, the new line of Boschert Gizelis ElectroCut electric shears costs less to own, makes production faster, and reduces waste – leaving operations with a better profit margin.

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