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Boschert CombiLaser Punch Laser Combo

An Ideal Combination: Punching and Fiber Laser Cutting


As manufacturers design more parts to save material, decrease weight and ease assembly, combination machines with the capability to form, punch and cut are increasingly popular. Boschert introduced the CombiLaser series of punch laser combination machines to meet growing customer demand. With fiber lasers of 1-, 2- and 4-kW, a full range of materials and thicknesses can be precision laser cut with impressive speed. As with Boschert’s other punching machines, the CombiLaser series can be ordered with working ranges from 40” x 80” to 60” x 120” plus repositioning of the sheet. In addition, the CombiLaser can be configured with one, two or three punching heads as well as with a fully automatic tool changer. With a punching and forming force of up to 50 tons, these combination machines are ideal for difficult and complex forming operations.

The CombiLaser can also be programmed for small part disposal. Finished parts from the fiber laser can be quickly ejected from the work surface with two different parts chute. The part chute tables are arranged directly in front of the fiber laser. Smallest parts can be dropped through a 6” x 6” chute and larger parts through the 27.5” square chute.

Boschert has also developed a security set-up for the fiber laser in cooperation with the BG professional association. This saves precious shop floor space while ensuring complete operator safety. Optionally the machine can be also equipped with a full machine enclosure.

Punch Laser Combination Machine Specifications

Working Area
Laser Performance
Mild Steel Cutting Range (max; recommended)
Stainless Steel Cutting Range (max; recommended)
Aluminum Cutting Range (max; recommended)
1000 x 2000
1060 x 2000 mm
10mm; 0,5-6mm
5mm; 0,3-4mm
3mm; 1-3mm
1250 x 2500
1310 x 2500 mm
12mm; 10mm
8mm; 6mm
6mm; 4mm
1500 x 3000
1560 x 3000 mm
12mm; 12mm
12mm; 8mm
10mm; 6mm

CombiLaser Space requirements and weights

Space Requirement
7000 x 5900 x 2110 mm
14500 kg
8000 x 6500 x 2110 mm
16300 kg
9000 x 7100 x 2110 mm
17400 kg


Max. positioning speed X-axis 60 m/min
Max. positioning speed Y-axis 60 m/min
Simultaneous X & Y 85 m/min
Max. stroke rate punching (HBL) 750 1/mm
Max. sheet weight 250 Kg

Axis Accuracy

Positioning difference +0,10 mm
Repeatability +0,03 mm

Programmable part chute

For laser and punch part 670 x 670 mm max.

Electrical values

Faser Laser 7 kVA oder 14 kVA (4kW)
Punching machine 18 oder 25 KVA
Suction unit 5 kVA
Cooling unit for 24kW/4kW 6,5 kVA

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