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Uncompromising performance and Swiss quality characterize the PBT 35 Servo. PBT35 profile bending machines are designed, like the PBT25, for the highest quality and energy-saving cost efficiency. But the PBT35 bender takes these characteristics one step further. Powerful servo motors and continuously adjustable front roller distance enables users to bend everything from very large steel profiles to small extruded shapes, with accurate radii and perfect transitions. The machine’s flexible configuration allows operators to work from both sides of the machine. Standard roller height is 300 mm, with an option for extra-tall rollers. The PBT35 features PBT’s famous ergonomic design and powerful PC400 control system. The PBT35 profile bender is used in the automobile, aerospace engineering, materials handing technology, metalwork shop window construction, structural steel engineering industries.

Consultation, training and commissioning are included with purchase.

Technical Data of the PBT 35 bender

Flat Bar
All three rollers driven individually: PC400: continuous
Maximum Torque per roller
Front Roller Adjustable
Tool Holding Fixture ∅
Lift Height
Hydraulic Drive
Roller Driver
Power Supply
Accuracy X Axis – PC400
1″ x 6″ to 12″ Dia.
30 tons (35 t)
1 – 16 rpm
2214 ft. lbs. (3000 Nm)
(14.17″ – 43.3″ (360 – 1100mm)
4.13″ (105mm)
15.35″ (390mm)
15 HP (11 kW)
0.003937″ (1/100mm)
72.8″ (1’850mm)
63″ (1’600mm)
55″ (1’400mm)
5,512 lbs. (2’500 kgs)

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