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CU Profi Series Punching Machines

A Workhorse for Copper Bar Processing


The Boschert CU Profi copper bar processing machine is a powerful solution for efficient processing of copper, aluminum and steel bars. The CU Profi can be equipped with five to nine tool stations and accommodates bars up to 20-feet in length, 9-inches wide and 1/2 -inch thick. Its CNC-controlled punching heads use standard thick turret “B” station tools (up to 1-1/2” diameter), with an optional “C” station punch in place of two “B” stations. Hydraulic material clamping in Y-axis on both sides of punch head ensures straight parts. This design allows for leadscrew threading for in-process tapping of parts. Part-marking options include ink jet or dot-peen marking.

The CU Profis feeding system utilizes specialized clamps to ensure complete processing with little waste. This feeding unit is supported on a linear guide and AC servo motor which guarantees a repeatability of plus/minus 0.004-inch.

Boschert recently introduced a new automatic loading system for the CU Profi series. This new clamping and loading system is programmable to streamline automated production processes without increasing staffing requirements. Operators can load a variety of widths and lengths of copper bar stock based on their job list. Once programmed, the system will pick up a copper bar from the sorted rack, evaluate its dimensions, clamp it in place and perform the prescribed punches before delivering it to the finished product tray.

To make the CU Profi even more efficient, Boschert also offers a mirrored version! With the mirrored version of the CU Profi, one operator can easily operate two CU Profi machines, doubling the production of copper bar processing without the need for additional labor!

Other features of the CU Profi punching machines include protective safety grating, light barrier system, automatic waste removal, front table support, unloading table behind the punching head, powerful hydraulic system with 15 horsepower motor, oil chiller, and user-friendly graphic software.

CU Profi Punching Machine Technical Data

Maximum Punching Force
Punching Stations
Punching Station Size
Shear Station Size
Material Thickness Range
Maximum Bar Length
Minimum Bar Width
Maximum Bar Width
Maximum Strokes per Minute
Positioning Accuracy
Positioning Repeatability
Max X-Axis Positioning Speed
Max Y-Axis Positioning Speed
Hydraulic Drive
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
Approximate Floor Space
Approximate Weight
45 Tons
4 plus cut-off
Thick Turret “A” – 1-1/4” diameter
0.4” x 2.35”
0.125” - .500”
+/- 0.004”
+/- 0.002”
230 fpm
98 fpm
12 HP
40 liters
7’ x19’
11,000 lbs
Up to 8 plus cut-off
One “B station – 2” diameter
7’ x 27’

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