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Versatile Copper Bar Processing


The new Boschert CU Master is Boschert’s largest, most versatile copper bar processing machine, customizable to meet almost any customer need. The CU Master opens endless potential in copper processing and takes it to an entirely new level of opportunity for operators.

The CU Master can process copper up to 12” wide x 0.75” thick (305 mm x 20 mm). The hydraulic cylinder moves in both X and Y directions by a rack and pinion drive eliminating positioning restrictions of tooling. Its 2-stage hydraulic cylinder allows different tonnage capacities and punching speeds.

Each of eight thick turret “D” size (3 ½”) tooling stations can be equipped with an eight-way (16mm diameter – A size) or a 3-way (31.7mm diameter – B size) multitool holder. The two-stage punching cylinder offers 60 tons of punching pressure for slow-stroke and 25 tons of pressure for fast-stroke punching. The CU Master can also be arranged with a 200 x 8mm cutting station. Up to three optional cylinders from below the tools designed for embossing and forming operations are also available. Machines can be ordered with material loading from either the left or right side.

The CU Master’s clamp width is automatically adjustable and can be moved on both sides in the X direction – facilitating processing without a leftover piece. CNC controls are designed specifically for copper bar processing using proven Boschert hardware and software platforms enabling the shortest possible production times, even for individual pieces.

Other features of the CU Master customizable design include a complete enclosure using protective grating and light barriers ensuring absolute safety, and a tool carrier with the Boschert tool cassette for up to 48 tools – enabling quick access and easy tool changes. It can also be configured with a small-parts drop table, an automatic loading system with pneumatic suction arms, a standard unloading table, or an unloading table with hinge conveyor and pusher.

With the CU Master, Boschert offers a universal solution for copper processing.

CU Master Copper Bar Punching/Shearing Machine Technical Data

Two stage hydraulic cylinder

Low tonnage 25 tons
High tonnage 65 tons

Maximum punching speeds

Low tonnage 120 spm
High tonnage 58 spm

Max. material thickness ¾ inch
Max. copper bar length / standard length (optional 240”) 160 inches
Min. copper bar width ¾ inch
Max. copper bar width 12 inches

Tooling System Thick Turret “D” station tooling in quick change cassette
Max. Punch Diameter 3.5 inches or any shape fitting within
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.004 inch
Repeatability +/- 0.002 inch

Max. Positioning Speeds

X-axis 230 feet per minute
Y-axis 98 feet per minute

Hydraulic Drive 25 HP
Hydraulic System Capacity 50 gallons

Approximate Floor Space 16’ x 35’
Approximate Height 6’
Approximate Weight 29,500 lbs.

CNC Control Schneider CNC adapted to Boschert hardware

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