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3D Bending Devices

Spiral and 3D Bending with Ease


PBT’s 3-D Bending Device and Twister Device bring even greater versatility – while retaining accuracy – for operators bending round tube materials into spirals or bending more complex profile shapes in 3-D forms.

  • The Twister
    The Twister measuring device for spiral (helical) bending measures the rotation of a tube material during spiral bending and transmits the information to the control system. When paired with a CNC-powered Z-axis, the machine can make adjustments to the pitch of the spiral automatically. For the manually controlled Z-Axis, the control system shows the value of the necessary correction, and the operator adjusts the hand-crank manually until the proper pitch is detected by the Twister.
  • 3-D Bending Device
    PBT’s 3-D Bending Device is an essential tool for operators bending unique profiles into complex 3-D shapes, especially when it is essential to control the pitch and angle of the profile throughout the 3-D bend segment. The 3D Bending Device is usually used in conjunction with CNC Z-axis rollers and offers a pitch adjustability of +/- 15 degrees during bending.

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