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With a compact design and 3-in-1 capabilities, the Boschert CU-Flex is the perfect copper bar processing machine for creating prototypes or performing short repeated production runs. With punching, bending and shearing capability, the CU-Flex occupies significantly less floor space than three individual machines and accommodates maximum bar dimensions of 200 x 15 mm. The CU-Flex features an Amada-style punching tool. It has a graphic 12-inch Cybelec CybTouch control system with CNC-controlled back gauge. Other features include a 45-ton hydraulic cylinder, CNC-controlled stroke adjustment, a pneumatically moveable station carrier and manually adjustable front gauge via digital display in the X-axis. The CU-Flex copper bar processing machine is also suitable for handling aluminum and steel.

Technical Data of the Bar Processing Machine

Bending/Cutting/Punching force: 45 tons
Machine dimensions:
Length 92”
Width 49”
Height 84”
Working height 35”
Weight 7,050 lbs
Stroke speed closed door 1.18 ipm
Stroke speed door open 0.394 ipm
Positioning speed of station carrier: 236 ipm
Positioning speed of back gauge: 394 ipm
Max. cutting dimension: 0.6” x 8”
Max. bending stroke: 7.5”
Max. punching diameter: 1.25”
Max. punching thickness for Cu or Alu: 0.6”
Max. Y-Axis depth: 39”

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