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Robotics Adds Efficiency to Press Brake Capability


Boschert Gizelis RoboBend offers greatly increased efficiency for high volume, repeat production.

Boschert Gizelis RoboBend is an optional and flexible system which enables any Boschert Gizelis press brake machine to work as an automatic robotic cell or as an ordinary press brake with human operator. Bending can be controlled manually or robotically with the RoboBend system. It is designed to mount to the front any of the Boschert Gizelis hydraulic press brakes – including the G-TurboBend®, G-Flex®, G-Bend® Plus or G-HD® series.

The RoboBend includes a standard Yaskawa/Motoman robot, type MH5S, that can handle sheet metal up to 500x500mm and payloads up to 5kg.

The complete RoboBend system includes:

  • Linear track and parking area for the robot
  • Gripper with section pad and vacuum valve for material handling
  • Orientation table
  • Stationary magazine table for sheet metals
  • Safety fence

The RoboBend system dramatically increases a machine’s safety and efficiency. Not only can the machine operate continuously without an operator. With RoboBend, Boschert Gizelis press brakes can utilize their maximum possible working speed, while machines with human operators are limited by CE regulations.

Boschert Gizelis also offers the Robo Weld, which adds robotic welding to an array of operations. The RoboWeld builds ROI and efficiency into assembly and dissembling processes.

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