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Stierli 220 CNC Horizontal Bender

Fast, Safe and Precise Copper Bending


The Stierli 220 CNC is an efficient horizontal bending machine for a variety of straightforward and repeatable applications. With 220 kN (25 US tons) of working power, the 220 CNC bending machine can be programmed and operated via an easy-to-use modern touchscreen display with 2-axis control. Bending angles can be programmed and adjusted after the initial bend. The stroke setting can be adjusted in the program at any time in +/- 0.1° increments to offset material-related variances. Up to 200 programs can be saved on the machine and other programs can be swapped in via USB interface.

The Stierli 220 CNC bender’s jogging, automatic and straightening modes are operated with a foot switch or manual control cable. Simple, precise tooling measuring 130mm or 150mm come standard. The Stierli quick-locking tool system allows very fast changeover of tools and dies while maintaining absolute accuracy.

A large working plate ensures effective positioning of large bent parts. The 220 CNC bender features a special oil-lubricated guided cylinder which requires little maintenance and no open guide. The bending machine can be transported easily inside the factory with a crane or pallet truck.

The Stierli 220 CNC also can be built to include optional automatic measuring and re-bend capabilities to give perfect bends regardless of material characteristics. With the automatic measuring tool and associated software, spring-back data is calculated from bending tables stored in the control and can be added to or edited as needed. For each bend, the Stierli 220 CNC copper bar bender makes the initial bend, measures and then re-bends each piece – assuring maximum process reliability and precision. The required stroke and spring-back compensation are each calculated by the control to achieve the best possible accuracy. In addition, the length before bending and the stop positions are calculated automatically.

Two tool trays provide organized storage of the tools so that they are always available.

Horizontal Bender Technical Data

Working power
Tooling height
Bending capacity flat
Straightening capacity
Pipe bending
Round bar
Program memory
Measuring precision
Cylinder stroke
Smallest U-bend with narrow section punch
Cylinder speed
Motor power
22 to / 220 kN
130 mm
130 x 16 mm
HEB 100
3/8" - 1 ½"
ø 35 mm
CNC Control
+/- 0.1 mm
200 mm
45 mm
0.60 m/min
5.00 kW
3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
1100 / 800 mm
620 kg
24 Tons
5” x 0.6”
4” x 4” H beam
3/8" - 1 ½"
Simple CNC
24 ipm
7 HP
40” x 36”
1,365 lbs
Move with pallet jack

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