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Boschert Multi-Punch Series

Complex Punching Jobs Without Operator Intervention


For truly complex punching jobs, the Boschert MP Multi-Punch Series are configured to meet specified customer production needs. With a Multi-Punch machine, complete sheet processing is possible without operator intervention.

The Multi-Punch series punching machines include fully automatic tool change capability to increase productivity for more complex part production. With eight positions, each capable of holding a 4-, 6-, 7- or 8-station multi-tool, the MP machines can run complete nests of parts using from 8 to 64 different tools. All tools are fully indexable to increase flexibility even more.

With throat depths of 40-inches, 50-inches and 60-inches, the MP-series machines can be configured perfectly for your applications. An automatic small parts chute drops completed parts into a bin or onto a conveyor; vacuum slug removal ensures no pulled slugs to slow production. Tables with roller balls, brushes or a combination allow for processing painted or polished material with no marking. Simple, but powerful graphic CNC, twin Y-axis ball screws, punching speeds to 800 strokes per minute and many other standard features are what set Boschert machines apart from the rest.

Machine Specifications

Working Range
Space Requirements
Weight (lbs.)
MP – 1250
50″ x 100″
26′ x 20′ x 7 ‘H
MP – 1500
60″ x 120″
30′ x 21′ x 7 ‘H

Technical Data

Maximum sheet length 33′
Maximum sheet thickness 1/2″
Maximum punching force 36 tons
Maximum workpiece weight 440 lbs.

Maximum positioning speed

X axis 2,360 ipm
Y axis 1,180 ipm
Combined (x & y diagonally) 3,350 ipm

Maximum punch diameter 4″
Maximum stroke length 3.5″
Tool change time, AUTO 5 sec.
Tool change time, REVO(4,6, or 8 tools) 2 sec.
Prog. Parts Chute Size 8″ x 12″


Full Stepless Rotation 360°
Rotation Axis Speed 45 RPM

Positioning Accuracy +/-0.004″
Repeatability +/-0.001″
Control Boschert Grapchic w/RS232
Type of Drives AC Digital Servo
Height of Table Above Floor 35.4″
Width of Table (X-axis) 158″
Depth of Table (Y-axis) – MP1250 63″

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