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Boschert Multi-Punch Series

Complex Punching Jobs Without Operator Intervention


For truly complex punching jobs, the Boschert MP Multi-Punch Series are configured to meet specified customer production needs. With a Multi-Punch machine, complete sheet processing is possible without operator intervention.

The Multi-Punch series punching machines include fully automatic tool change capability to increase productivity for more complex part production. With eight positions, each capable of holding a 4-, 6-, 7- or 8-station multi-tool, the MP machines can run complete nests of parts using from 8 to 64 different tools. All tools are fully indexable to increase flexibility even more.

With throat depths of 40-inches, 50-inches and 60-inches, the MP-series punching machines can be configured perfectly for your applications. An automatic small parts chute drops completed parts into a bin or onto a conveyor; vacuum slug removal ensures no pulled slugs to slow production. Tables with roller balls, brushes or a combination allow for processing painted or polished material with no marking. Simple, but powerful graphic CNC, twin Y-axis ball screws, punching speeds to 800 strokes per minute and many other standard features are what set Boschert machines apart from the rest.

Multi-Punch Machine Specifications

Working Range
Space Requirements
Weight (lbs.)
MP – 1250
50″ x 100″
26′ x 20′ x 7 ‘H
MP – 1500
60″ x 120″
30′ x 21′ x 7 ‘H

Technical Data

Maximum sheet length 33′
Maximum sheet thickness 1/2″
Maximum punching force 36 tons
Maximum workpiece weight 440 lbs.

Maximum positioning speed

X axis 2,360 ipm
Y axis 1,180 ipm
Combined (x & y diagonally) 3,350 ipm

Maximum punch diameter 4″
Maximum stroke length 3.5″
Tool change time, AUTO 5 sec.
Tool change time, REVO(4,6, or 8 tools) 2 sec.
Prog. Parts Chute Size 8″ x 12″


Full Stepless Rotation 360°
Rotation Axis Speed 45 RPM

Positioning Accuracy +/-0.004″
Repeatability +/-0.001″
Control Boschert Grapchic w/RS232
Type of Drives AC Digital Servo
Height of Table Above Floor 35.4″
Width of Table (X-axis) 158″
Depth of Table (Y-axis) – MP1250 63″

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