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EasyRoll is Picot’s AI-based CNC software which makes roll bending more intuitive, efficient and accurate. EasyRoll software leverages Picot’s 150+ years of rolling experience to offer an intuitive and efficient control system. The plug-and-play, HD touchscreen can be operated by users of any experience or skill level. One only needs to select the material, thickness and prescribed diameter to make parts from scratch. EasyRoll comes pre-programmed with a materials database built on decades of results and experience, but also never stops learning – gaining deeper knowledge and control based on the inputs and result of each bending program. EasyRoll allows the bending machine to take into account both spring-back and bending resistance to deliver the correct diameter on the first try. It facilitates single item production as easily as high-volume production runs with either manual or fully automatic operation. EasyRoll comes with modules to calculate roll inclination, cone-forming and even maintenance management.

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