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Combi-Cut Punch Plasma Combo Series

Delivering Productivity and Quality in Punch and Plasma Cutting


The Boschert Combi-Cut series presents a cost-effective alternative to combination punch/laser machines. With Combi-Cut, even thin gauge metal can be cut with very high quality. The exceptional quality of the cutting surfaces is characterized by dross free cuts – the fine tolerance of the cut angle, straightness of the cut, and smoothness of the cut edge with a positioning tolerance of +/- 0.2 mm. In addition, repeatability is 0.03 mm. Heavy-duty dual, C-frame construction allows for the working of oversized sheets. Punch plasma combo Combi-Cut technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc, improving arc stability and energy for more powerful precision cutting. With the Combi0Cut series, Boschert’s EL, Twin and Tri machines can all be equipped with plasma.

Punch Laser Combo Technical Data

Working Range

CombiCut 750 x 1500 (30″ x 60″)
CombiCut 750 x 1500 (40″ x 80″)
CombiCut 1250 x 2500 (50″ x 100″)
CombiCut 1500 x 3000 (60″ x 120″)
Plasma Power 130 amps

Maximum sheet length 33′ w/ repo
Maximum sheet thickness 1/2″

Maximum punching force

Standard 36 tons
Optional 50 tons

Maximum workpiece weight 440 lbs.
Prog. Parts Chute Size 20″ x 20″
Maximum punch diameter 4″

Tool change time

Manual monotool 15 sec.
RevoTool (4,6, or 8 tools) 2 sec.

Maximum stroke length 3.5″

Maximum stroke rate

Punching 400 spm
Marking 800 spm

Maximum positioning speed

X axis 2,360 ipm
Y axis 1,180 ipm
Combined (x & y diagonally) 3,350 ipm

Positioning Accuracy +/-0.004″
Repeatability +/-0.001″
Control Boschert Grapchic w/RS232
Type of Drives AC Digital Servo
Height of Table Above Floor 35.4″

Approximate Floor Space

CombiCut 750 x 1500 20′ x 16′ x 7’H
CombiCut 750 x 1500 23′ x 18′ x 7’H
CombiCut 1250 x 2500 26′ x 20′ x 7’H
CombiCut 1500 x 3000 30′ x 21′ x 7’H

Approximate Weight

CombiCut 750 x 1500 29,750 lb.
CombiCut 750 x 1500 31,750 lb.
CombiCut 1250 x 2500 36,000 lb.
CombiCut 1500 x 3000 38,250 lb.

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