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The PC400 CNC Control by PBT leaves nothing to be desired. From the inventor of PC-based controls on 3-roll benders, this technology is unequaled. The PC400 features easy-to-navigate menus and a simple, yet highly powerful user interface. Bending programs can be easily generated, managed and adapted. The PC400 allows for part programs with an unlimited number of bending segments and radii. It comes pre-programmed with modules for creating ellipses, spirals, coils, ‘Napoleon’ bends, S-bends and more, with just a few simple inputs. Documentation for each part can be saved as a PDF file and attached to the program. This feature makes it simple to include process sheets, images and other data within each part program.

When bending material with varying material characteristics, minor deviations from the programmed data can occur. By simply entering the measured radius of a part, the system can automatically calculate a correction value and re-bend the piece to within specification. A catalog of elasticity (spring-back) values can easily be built for future reference and automatic radius measurement. A graphical representation of the elasticities of a workpiece enables easy understanding and manipulation of program data. Due to continuous monitoring and positioning of the X- and Y-axis, material deviations can be resolved and corrected for, regardless of production run size. Highly accurate control of both axes results in smooth transitions between radii and straight segments.

The PC400 control runs on Microsoft Windows OS and can easily be included in a corporate network. This allows central data management, automatic backup and the capability to create programs on an office workstation instead of in front of a machine. If desired, an interface can be made to your CAD software so part programs can be created directly from your drawings. Remote diagnostics and maintenance can be provided via internet connection, providing customers an even higher level of support.

PC400 hardware consists of a high-performance 15-inch multi-touch screen and industrial-grade computer with solid state disc. The system is mounted to a stand-alone pedestal on wheels. Through the use of open standards and off-the-shelf components, it can be expanded and specialized to fit different customer-specific needs.

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