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G-Cut Series Hydraulic Shears

Robust and Built for Speed


The Boschert Gizelis G-Cut Series features 14 heavy duty hydraulic shears with a wide range of maximum cutting thicknesses: from 4 mm to 20 mm in mild steel and 2mm to 12mm in stainless steel. The entire G-Cut series features heavy duty swing beam hydraulic shears on an all-welded-steel rigid frame. G-Cuts include specially made cutting blades suitable for various types of steel. Hold-down pressure adjustments are made automatically based on required cutting pressure. Hold-downs are conveniently located next to a squaring arm for more accurate holding and cutting of small parts. Each G-Cut machine includes a high-speed CNC back gauge powered by AC servo motor.

The G-Cut series hydraulic shears are controlled with a user-friendly color touch screen. Safety systems include an accessible finger-protection safety fence, precision lighting on the cutting line, side doors and photocells

Some of what differentiates the Boschert Gizelis G-Cut from other machines are three distinguishing features:

  • Return to Front – Finished and appearance-sensitive pieces return to the operator instead of behind the machine. Reduces repetitive motion. Increases efficiency, productivity and safety.
  • Narrow Strip Cutting – An unconventional approach to thin strip shearing eliminates waste and delivers a quality finished component nearly twist-free.
  • Auto Thickness Measurement – A simple sensor measures material thickness to optimize blade gap. Protects your blades. Eliminates guess work. Reduces waste and downtime from fold-over jams. Safer, easier, more efficient.

There are ball casters on the table and front-sheet supports of 1m each with linear scale 1x squaring arm 1m with linear scale.

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