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Stierli-Bieger 85 Horizontal RAM Bending Machine


Compact but powerful, the Stierli-Bieger 85 Horizontal Ram Bender features a bending pin of 42 mm, inserted 110 mm into the plate. This versatile structure accommodates even large bent parts with up to an 120 mm stroke and simple tool holder. We’re also proud of features like the no-maintenance oil-lubricated guided cylinder and hydro-mechanic stroke restriction. Solid steel construction ensures this bender can stand up to the rigors of all your applications.

Compact Horizontal Bender Technical Data

Working Power 85 kN / 12 to
Tool height 100 mm
Adjustable stroke 0 – 120 mm
Bending output flat 100 / 10 mm
Motor power 1.5 kW
Ram speed 0.6 m/min
Normal voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Dimensions 1050 / 650 mm
Weight 240 kg
Mounting mobile
Colours NCS 3050 blue-green, NCS 4050 wine red

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