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Stierli-Bieger 700 Horizontal RAM Bending Machine


Need a ram bender that is highly productive and versatile, yet compact? The Stierli-Bieger 700 Horizontal Ram Bender aims to meet all your needs–from bending to straightening. Featuring a spacious working platform and a strong tool holder that spans ? mm, with a depth of up to 100mm, the 700 allows for shaping tools up to 130mm. We’re proud of the no-maintenance oil-lubricated guided cylinder and hydro-mechanic stroke restriction. Solid steel construction ensures this bender can stand up to the rigors of all your applications. The machine delivers a working pressure of 220 kN to the full stroke length of 350 mm with continuous maximum working speed. The inching and automatic programme and dressing function can be activated by a remote hand control and cable or a food pedal. Stroke limitation operates electro-hydraulically using the unique Stierli switch-off system with Vernier scale and 0 mark. Operate it with the foot switch or special manual control cable, with two modes and a straightening function.

Horizontal Bender Technical Data

Working Power
Tool height
Bending output flat
Bending gas pipes
Adjustable stroke
Motor power
Ram speed
Normal voltage
Working height
700 kN / 70 to
300 mm
300 / 30 mm
3/8″ – 3″
0 – 350 mm
7.5 kW
0 – 0.6 m/min
400 V / 50 Hz
900 mm
1960 / 1010 mm
2200 kg
NC 3050 blue-green, NC 4050 wine-red
77 U.S. tons
12″ inch
12 x 1 ¼” inch
3/8″ – 3″
0 – 14″ inch
10 HP
0 – 23.6″ inch/min
200 V/220 V / 60 Hz
35″ inch
77″ x 40″ inch
4850 lbs
NCS 3050 blue-green, NCS 4050 wine-red

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