PBT 25 Profile Bending Machine

The PBT25 Profile Bending Machines were developed with considerable input from actual PBT customers. This versatile profile bending machine features master Swiss craftsmanship and modular tooling that makes it simple to convert the machine to new processes quickly and efficiently. The machine has three individually driven rollers which can bend large cross sections, including part profiles up to 11.81” (300mm) in height. Modern ergonomic design makes the machine comfortable to operate, while the powerful PBT CNC control system keeps operation simple and smooth. Operator training is included with equipment purchase. Applications include: automotive, aerospace, materials handling technology, architectural paneling and lighting, window construction, structural profiles, and more.




  • Modern Ergonomic Design
  • Front roller distance infinitely adjustable
  • Height of rollers – 300mm (11.81″)
  • Machine movable with pallet jack
  • Working on both sides possible:
    front: rolling
    back: folding
  • Minimal oil quantity – 4.5 gallons (17 litre)
  • Powerful control system
  • Operator training included in price
  • Outstanding Swiss quality
  • Applications include: automobile, aerospace engineering, materials handing technology, metalwork shop window construction, structural steel engineering.

Technical Data

Flat Bar ½” x 6″ to 12″ Dia.
Power 27 t
All three rollers driven individually:
PC400: continuous
8/12/24 rpm
1 – 24 rpm
Maximum Torque per roller 1600 Nm
Front Roller Adjustable 200 – 1000mm
Tool Holding Fixture ∅ 105mm
Lift Height 265mm
Hydraulic Drive 3 kW
Roller Driver 3x 1.1 kW
Power Supply 400V/16A
Accuracy X Axis – Manual/PC400 1/100mm
Length 1’480mm
Width 1’200mm
Height 1’365mm
Weight 1’150 kgs (2,535 lbs.)

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