Stierli-Bieger Benders For Ship Building

Specializing in shipbuilding technologies? Stierli-Bieger benders for shipbuilding are designed especially to meet your needs. Along with the typical HP ship’s frame (also known as a Holland profile, HP frame or bulb flat), Stierli benders will also accomodate L profiles and T profiles. With a central clamp system to hold the material on in tooling, during the bending operation, our benders are highly productive and compact. Tool parts with a height of 300 mm and a diameter of up to 120 mm. Simple and rapid tool interchange is guaranteed. Enjoy a large, spacious work platform for easier bending of parts. The inching and automatic programme and dressing function can be activated by a remote hand control and cable or a foot pedal. Each machine features simple manual control systems, ultra-modern CNC tools with laser systems, and a high degree of process reliability and automation. A long stroke and lowering support rollers allow for vertical working of the section. Control is achieved through a long operative cable or a joystick and roller conveyor. Support plates with dovetail holding make for easy tool changes. Abutments can be adjusted electro mechanically.

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Technical Data

Machine Working power Bending Output Bulp Profile
700 SE / HE

700 SE / NC

70 to / 700 kN HP 200
1200 SE / HE

1200 SE / NC

120 to / 1200 kN HP 240
2000 SE / HE

2000 SE / NC

200 to / 2000 kN HP 300
3000 SE / HE

3000 SE / NC

300 to / 3000 kN HP 340
4000 SE

4000 NC

2×200 to / 2×2000 kN HP 430

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