Boschert CU PROFI Model Hydraulic Copper Punching Machine

For efficient processing of copper and steel bars, the Boschert CU Profi Series offers a variety of benefits. Each machine can be equipped with five to eight tool stations and handle bars up to 20’ in length. Other features include automatic waste removal, hydraulic system with 15 HP motor and oil chiller, unloading table behind the punching head, and user-friendly graphic software.
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  • CNC controlled punching machine with 5 – 8 Heads using standard thick turret “B” station tools (up to 1-1/2” diameter).
  • Punching of copper bars up to 10′ long (option up to 20′) and with a width up to 8″ and a thickness up to ½”.
  • Hydraulic system with 15 HP motor and oil chiller
  • Feeding system takes place with special clamps which ensures complete processing with little waste. This feeding unit is supported on a linar guide and AC servomotor which guarantees a repeatabilit of plus minus 0.004”.
  • Safety-protective-grating and light-barrier-system.
  • Hydraulic material clamping in y – axis on both sides of punch head ensures straight parts
  • Unloading table behind the punching head
  • User friendly graphic software
  • Automatic waste removal
  • Front table support

Technical Data

Punching pressure: 40 tons
Max. punch diameter: Standard 4 x 1.25” (any shape within 1.25″ B-Station) 1 x Cut-off station 2.36″ x 0.315″ Optional up to 7 punching stations plus cut-off
Max. material thickness: Up to 0.394″copper with D. 1.25″ up to 0.47″ copper with max. D. 0.787″
Number of strokes: Approx. 180 / minute
Length: 22′
Depth: 6.5′
Height: 7.5′
Motor performance: 25
Weight: 10,800 lbs.

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