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Boschert CUWK

Customizable Copper Bar Processing


The CUWK is Boschert’s largest, most versatile, and most customizable copper bar processing machine. The CUWK is designed to meet the needs of large production operations and can be adapted to almost any customer need.

Each machine can be configured with either two heads with 50 tons of punching pressure or three heads with 36 tons of punching pressure. The CUWK can accommodate bars up to 20-feet in length, 9 1/2 -inches wide and a ½-inch (15 mm) thick. It is equipped with five or six tool stations with Amada-style thick turret tooling. One of the tool stations can be a shearing station with an 80 x 8 mm or 50 x 10 mm parting tool. Up to four of the stations can be equipped with a multi-tool to give a total of up to 26 tools. A separate head can be set up as a tapping unit. A tool cassette facilitates tool changes.

Hydraulic clamping of parts ensures exact positioning prior to the punching process, eliminating waste. The CUWK is easy to program with graphic controls and can be networked to download programs and nests from CAM files.

Other features of the copper bar processing machine include operational drilling and tapping heads. Fully automatic loading options are available in different configurations to meet customer needs. Parts marking, push/pull clamping to eliminate scrap and various unload options are also available.

Copper Bar Processing Machine Technical Data

Maximum Punching Force
Punching Stations
Punching Station Size
Shear Station Size
Material Thickness Range
Maximum Bar Length
Minimum Bar Width
Maximum Bar Width
Maximum Strokes per Minute
Positioning Accuracy
Positioning Repeatability
Maximum Positioning Speeds
Hydraulic Drive
Hydraulic Tank Capacity
Approximate Floor Space
Approximate Weight
36 Tons
4 plus cut-off
Thick Turret “D” – 3-1/2 diameter
0.4” x 3.0”
0.125” - .500”
+/- 0.004”
+/- 0.002”
230 fpm
98 fpm
25 HP
50 gallons
16’ x 35’
29,500 lbs
50 Tons
5 plus cut-off
Multi-Punch: 2,3,4 6

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