With a 90° fixed angle, the Silver Eagle Hydraulic Power Notcher W/Punch offers superior performance, clean cuts and accuracy. Enjoy front-to-back cutting to hold material against stop, 50 strokes per minute (adjustable), two heavy duty stops with 12” sliding bars, and a milled bed surface for no-float or no-stick operation. Capacity is 1/4” mild steel capacity and 5/32” stainless steel capacity, with notch widths of 8-7/8” x 8 7/8” 90° notch. Additionally, the Silver Eagle offers the special features of a super size table (43” x 31”) and a Coping Station for 5/32″ mild steel*, 1/8″ stainless capacity.



Notching Station

  • Download Boschert Silver Eagle Hydraulic Notcher Overview
  • 1/4″ mild steel*, 5/32″ stainless steel** capacity
  • 8-7/8″ x 8-7/8″ 90 degree notch
  • Super size table, 43″ wide by 31″ deep
  • Milled bed surface for no float or stick operation
  • Moveable electrical foot pedal
  • Front to back cutting to hold material against stop
  • Adjustable stroke, 35 to 50 per minute
  • Two material hold downs
  • Two heavy duty stops with 12″ sliding bars
  • Scale and T-shot left to right at front of bed
  • Scale and T-shot parallel to the blades
  • Scale on left and right side of table top
  • Wired 220v/60c/3ph
  • Internal stop for shearing
  • Scrap bucket

Punching Station

  • Trumpf style tooling
  • 5/32″ mild steel*, 1/8″ stainless steel**
  • Maximum punch size: 1-1/8
  • Size of punching table: 43″ wide by 13″ deep
  • Moveable foot pedal
  • Scrap bucket

* mild steel designated as 50,000 psi
** Stainless designated as 75,000 psi