PBT CNC Bender, Model PBT25 PC300

Industry: Custom Fabricated Artwork

Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

The Company

BR Sculpture of Chicago is a custom shop specializing in art works of cast and fabricated metal. The shop is a unique mixture of degreed artists and experienced fabricators specializing in artistic, limited production and one-of-a-kind pieces.

The Issue

BR was awarded a contract to produce large mirror frames in a true elliptical shape. The frames were to be made from solid 1-1/4” T5 aluminum bar. BR needed a machine to accurately and efficiently produce the elipses.

The Solution

Richards looked at several bending machines and sent several pieces out for test bending by vendors. Yet, he was unable to find a supplier that could form the elliptical shape with the accuracy he needed. Then, during a trade show visit he discovered the PBT25 on exhibit at the Boschert booth. He quickly realized the vertical rolls, allowing bending on the horizontal plane would eliminate the need to support the work high above the floor. After a demonstration of the powerful graphic and conversational CNC, Richards knew he had found the solution to his very difficult application. Upon Boschert’s bending of samples to the desired shape, BR Sculpture ordered and installed the PBT25 PC300 machine in their Chicago, IL workshop.

Microsoft Word - Boschert Application News
Brett Richards, Owner of BR Sculpture
Microsoft Word - Boschert Application News
BR team with the PBT25 PC300 Bender

Microsoft Word - Boschert Application News