PBT 3-Roll Bender, Model ARKUS12, PBT25, PBT35

Industry: High Efficiency Heat Exchangers

Published on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

The Industry

Demand for high efficiency water heaters is growing rapidly. Water heater manufacturers are responding with new models that are up to 97% efficient. Many of these designs feature coiled heat exchanger tubes.

The Issue

Accurately coiling tubes so they are as efficient as possible and fit inside tightly rolled housings. Making highly efficient heat exchanger coils on traditional 3-roll benders requires more time, rework and labor.

The Solution

PBT 3-roll profile bending machines are the most precise profile benders in the world. Using our unique design allows manufacturers to get the most out their machine. PBT is the only machine featuring two front rolls with infinitely adjustable center distance, giving the user complete control over the set up. Tighter radii, better quality and higher productivity all result from our machine design. The PC300 CNC control controls the X-axis (in-feed of the bending roll) 100 times per second making sure every part is the same. Fitting large coils into tight housings is assured with no rework or extra labor required.

PBT has a solution for every coil. From our ARKUS12 manually controlled machine to our PBT35 PC300 for tubes over 3” in diameter, we have the machines and the experience to make the best coils possible. Don’t settle for old technology and lower quality – demand PBT.