Boschert Precision Machinery Now Offers CNC Punches with 28XX Tooling with Air Clamping

New system enables customers to update older equipment with the latest technology

Butler, WI. Published on Wednesday, July 25, 2012.

Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc. has installed the first CP-series CNC punching machine with the popular 28XX tooling system with air/hydraulic clamping.

This machine combines the precise, reliable and affordable Boschert CP-series CNC punching machines with the well-accepted 28XX tooling system used by hundreds of fabricating shops in the U.S. With the air/hydraulic clamping system, tool changes are faster, safer and easier.
With hundreds of older manual and N/C machines in use in the U.S. that have the 28XX tooling system, Boschert saw the need for the clamping system to help those customers replace older, failing machines with the latest technology.

The first installation using the new clamping system is in the central U.S. The customer has had older N/C machines that have become unreliable and for which the control is no longer supported. They have thousands of dollars of 28XX tools and wanted the quality, reliability and speed the Boschert machine provides, but needed to stay with the current tooling and clamping system.
Greg Hoesly, President of Boschert Precision Machinery, Inc. is excited about this upgrade. “We are pleased to offer this enhanced version of our popular CP-series machines using the 28XX tool system,” Hoesly says. “We feel we can service the hundreds of shops around the country that want the quality machines we provide, but need to use their current tooling system and need the air/hydraulic clamping.”